How to Look and Feel Your Best in Body

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Everyone feels insecure about how they look from time to time.


Even celebrities who spend a fortune on their appearance have bad skin and hair days. You should never feel pressure to look a certain way and certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money to look your best.

Top tips for feeling and looking good

Here's some general things you can do that will help you to look and feel your best:

  • Get a good nights rest -­ you will look and feel refreshed
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibres
  • Cutting down on fizzy drinks, chocolates, crisps and fatty food has loads of positive benefits to your well-being inside and out. 
  • Getting some exercise and fresh air every day will make you feel great. 
  • Keeping yourself fresh and clean with regular showers is an easy way to boost how you look and feel.


Try to wash your hair every couple of days. If you're finding your hair get's greasy quickly then get some dry shampoo for q quick daily re-fresh. If you have a problem with your hair such as dandruff, try asking someone you trust for a bit of advice, if it get's really bad speak to a doctor or pharmacist to see what they can recommend.


Most people get spots at some point in their lives. Spots happen when follicle channels in the skin - often known as pores - get clogged up. Bacteria can then grow in the mixture of oil and cells trapped in the follicle. Wash your skin regularly with plenty of mild soap and warm water to keep the pores clean. See your doctor if you are worried or if your spots get sore and uncomfortable.


It’s worth remembering, a sun tan is just burnt skin. If you spend any time in the sun, then it’s recommended that you use a high sun protection factor cream (ideally sun protection factor 15 or more) and apply lots of it about half an hour before you go outside. You'll need to reapply it regularly because the lotion can rub off on towels and sand or if you go swimming. By doing this you will help prevent your skin from burning, reducing your risk of skin cancer later in life. For more information see our page on Keeping safe in the sun.


Feet get sweaty, it's normal, so wash them daily in warm, soapy water, dry them carefully, and change socks at least once a day. Try to wear socks made from natural materials like cotton or wool, and always try to wear comfortable shoes so you don't get sore feet, corns or bunions. Trim your toenails regularly by cutting them straight across to avoid getting painful ingrown toenails.