How to Eat Healthy in Body

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Eat right and it'll help keep you in good health and good spirits.

Eating too much, not enough or eating the wrong things can be bad for us.

Healthy eating - what's the point in that?

Eating well is one of the best things we can do for our health.

A healthy diet not only gives us energy, it helps keep us in good mental health and to stay looking great.

Why do we need to eat?

Food is fuel! The food we eat gives us the energy we need to keep going and gives our bodies the stuff it needs to grow and repair itself.

Never is this more important than while we're still growing. This is why avoiding food to stay in shape is not a good idea.

What is 'healthy eating'?

'Eat a healthy, balanced diet' - that's what the docs keep telling us all the time.

But what is a 'healthy balanced diet'?

Five a day fruit and veg

Eat at least five portions of different fruit and veg a day - more if you can. A banana counts as one - why not slice one on to your breakfast cereal? A glass of fruit juice would count as another, as would a handful of raisins. There's three already. Not so hard eh?

Not too much fat

This means avoiding foods like burgers and bangers, which are often 'bulked up' with fat. Other big sources of fat include crisps, chips, anything that's been fried and dairy products (milk, butter and cheese). You don't need to stop eating them altogether, just not all the time.

Not too much salt

Obvious salt - don't chuck loads of it on your food (try tasting it first).

Not so obvious salt - processed foods are often high in salt. This includes ready meals and even bread and some breakfast cereals. Check labels and look for 'low salt' or 'no added salt'.

Full of fibre

Beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain fibre. Fibre is good for us because it's good for our gut and absorbs toxins in the body.

Cook from fresh

Learn to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients and you can control exactly what goes into your food. Using fresh ingredients means things will taste better and you'll get more vitamins and minerals. It's fun too. Jamie Oliver certainly seems to enjoy himself. Pukka.

Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast gives our bodies a decent start to the day and stops us snacking before lunch.

Which diet is best?

Diets are really only for people with serious weight problems and are not usually a good plan while you're still growing.

Young people shouldn't diet unless their doctor says they should.

If you'd like to tone up a bit, try getting more physical activity.

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