Alternative Ways To Celebrate Exam Results in Learning

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Whether you are up for a party or a bit unsure about your future… it’s good to have a little celebration of getting through those tough exams and getting your results. 

Bake off!


Why not have a few friends round and ask them to bring their favourite kind of dessert – not only do people get to show off their cooking skills but you get to try out some new grub! Plus cooking is a fun way to de-stress and gives you the opportunity to make something from scratch. 




Throwback to the times when you didn’t have exams. Why not get your mates round to play board games, twister and all the fun things you used to do when you were younger? You could even dust off some old video games you used to play and have a fun night in. Or watch old Disney classics or TV series you used to love. Jelly, ice cream and goodie bags optional.


Play at the park


Bring a football, some picnic blankets, and have a day out. Exercise will be a great way to give you some endorphins that'll boost your mood, and a tasty picnic lunch will be a great way to treat yourself. Have a go on the swings (you know you want to!)


Go see a fun film


Grab your Young Scot card, and get yourself a discount at the cinema. Why not go see The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, or another fun film you’ve fancied seeing, and reward yourself with a yummy discount at Pizza Hut after! It’s a great way to distract yourself, spend time with your mates, and not think too much about your results. 

Remember, though it might be tempting to drink to celebrate or drown your sorrows, you can end up regretting it. Same goes with drugs and cigarettes too. 

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