About the project

Thanks for showing an interest in the pilot project. Unfortunately all of the Raspberry Pis have now gone.

If you want to leave a note of interest for any potential future opportunities, please email: pi@youngscot.org or sign up to Young Scot Rewards

Skyscanner and Young Scot have teamed up to inspire the next generation of computer programmers in Scotland

During March we ran a pilot in Glasgow for Young Scot cardholders aged 12-15, offering 500 Raspberry Pis (mini computers), plus the accessory kit to make sure they can get the most from their Pi.

How to use your PI

There are loads of ways to use your Pi. But first you will need to get it set up. We have produced 5 videos to help you get started with your Raspberry Pi.

So, you’ve received your Pi – what now? There are loads of ways to use your Pi, but first you will need to get it set up. We’ve produced five videos to help you get started with your Raspberry Pi – you can either see the videos here See the videos here or click on “How to use my Pi” above.

Problem with your PI?

If you’re having problems with your Pi, first of all please make sure you have watched our videos to set it up properly. The majority of issues are simple to fix and any advice on troubleshooting, can be found here: http://elinux.org/R-Pi_Troubleshooting.

All products come with 12 months return and replace warranty. There is a 30 day FOC replacement policy e.g. if a product is deemed faulty and sales@modmypi.com are notified of such within 30 days of receipt, then it will be replaced at no expense to the customer. For the remaining warranty period the customer must pay the return shipping fee's, but the cost of the new unit and the shipping back to that customer will be covered. Please contact sales@modmypi.com for more information.

Any other queries please contact mailto:pi@youngscot.org

Further information

For further information on the project or if you have any questions, please contact:

Email: pi@youngscot.org

Tweet: @youngscot

Phone: 0808 801 0338 (freephone, Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm)