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If you have anything you want to get in touch about there are a few ways to let us know:

Could be...

  • If you want to find out how to get a Young Scot card
  • If you need some help with registering your Young Scot card
  • If you have a great discount idea
  • Got any good jokes you wanna share with us?

or anything really. We'll get back to you a.s.a.p - promise!

  • Young Scot InfoLine on 0808 801 0338 (Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm)
  • Text 'callback' to 07781 484 317

About Young Scot

Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity. We provide young people, aged 11 - 26, with a mixture of information, ideas and incentives to help them become confident, informed and active citizens. We do this in a variety of formats, including books, magazines, online, phone, etc, so young people can access information in a way they are comfortable with. It is our aim that the information we provide will enable them to:

  • Make informed decisions and choices
  • Turn their ideas into action
  • Take advantage of the opportunities available to them in Scotland and the rest of Europe
  • Have the confidence and knowledge to take their place as active citizens in their communities- locally, nationally and globally.

Fast facts

  • There are over 500,000 Young Scot NEC cardholders across Scotland, with this figure expected to rise further over the coming years.
  • The Young Scot NEC card gives young people access to special offers and discounts in over 1,500 shops and services across Scotland and a further 80,000 across Europe.
  • The Young Scot magazine has an estimated readership of over 1m.
  • The Young Scot Outreach Team works with an average of 25,000 young people each year and covers an average of 20,000 miles (the distance from Edinburgh to Australia and back again!)
  • Young Scot is all about partnership working and we work with more than 100 different organisations and companies.
  • We seek the views of young people in everything we do and shape our services to suit their lives.
  • We run national youth consultations on behalf of others organisations, in recent years we have sought the views of young people on alcohol, climate change, substance misuse and a range of other topics.