Live UnLtd Initiative

Do you have a great idea to help others?

Do you have an idea that could help change your community for the better? Apply to the Live UnLtd Fund and they could offer you up to £5,000 to help your community, as well as support for things like budgeting, networking and working with volunteers. All you need to make your dreams a reality. 

Live UnLtd are looking for projects which will have a positive impact on a community. Projects that receive funding should identify a community problem and show how their project idea will tackle this problem. They are also looking for projects which will give the applicant a positive learning experience.

Can I apply?

• You will need to be between 11-21 and living in the UK.
• You can apply as an individual or as an informal group, but you can not apply as part of an organisation like a youth group or school. 

How do I apply?

The first step is to fill out an enquiry form on the Live UnLtd website, describing your idea in no more than 120 words. Look at the FAQs on the website for help writing your application, including what to include in your application and what type of things the award will cover. 

Your enquiry will be sent to a member of the Live UnLtd team who will aim to respond to you within three working days. 

Awards are competitive and so the average award amount is around £1,500. Apply for what you need, but be prepared if you don’t receive the full amount. 

For more information and guidance on your application check out the Live UnLtd website.