Curriculum for Excellence

There is a whole lot of change going on in the education system in Scotland. It’s called Curriculum for Excellence. It’s been building over a few years and now every single nursery, school, college or community learning programme working with 3-18 year olds is working to the same national guidance.

It’s about bringing learning to life - making it more interesting, exciting, relevant. And it’s about bringing life to learning taking lessons outside the classroom, bringing in employers, linking schools and colleges, recognising achievements beyond exam passes.

It offers a broad general education to S3 with options in the senior phase to go on to learn more, gain qualifications, develop skills, move on positively in work and life, whatever your path. It offers you the chance to develop as a successful learner, confident individual, effective contributor, responsible citizen.

Top 5 things to know about Curriculum for Excellence

  • It’s about learning and teaching styles, encouraging teachers and lecturers to try different ways of teaching that help you learn and finding the support you need.
  • It’s about subjects, making sure that what is taught is up to date and relevant - for example that the ICT class works with software employers use; or that teachers work across subjects, making sense of connections like in real life.
  • It’s about learner focus, giving young people more choice in what they study, how they learn, when they take qualifications; encouraging you to stretch yourself and take on rewarding challenges.
  • It’s about the whole ‘learner journey’ from 3-18, with schools sharing information so that there are no gaps or overlaps in your education; a plan that supports you from one stage to the next.
  • It’s about assessment and qualifications, with new ways of measuring and reporting on achievement and new qualifications - National 4 and 5, replacing Standard Grade and Intermediate in 2013.

The easiest way to get a sense of the change is to watch these short films. They show Curriculum for Excellence in action:

Pimp my trolley
International Trade
Perth papers

Visit BeXcellent for more information on what how the curriculum aims to help you in your learning.