Looking after your eyes

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose your sight? In the UK 1.8 million people are living with sight loss, whether it’s needing glasses or losing your sight partially or completely. Here’s how you can keep your eyes healthy.

Having your eyes checked

Having your eyes checked isn’t just about seeing if you need glasses, it’s also about making sure your eyes are healthy. Eye tests can pick up eye conditions and if you catch them early enough then sight loss can be prevented. You can also pick up other conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes during an eye test.

Computers and your eyes

Have you ever got a headache, tired eyes or problems with your eye sight after staring at your computer for too long? If you use computers for long periods of time then here are some tips to help keep your eyes feeling fresh.

  • Take lots of breaks- try to rest you eyes every 20 minutes.
  • Have your monitor an arm’s length away your body and use font 12 or more.
  • Keep blinking! Might sound a bit silly but the number of blinks you do when looking at a screen can fall by 400%

What you eat

Research shows that the food we eat affects our eye sight- antioxidants can help to prevent damage to your eyes. Maybe there is something to the myth that eating carrots can help you see in the dark after all! Good foods for your eye include:

  • Leafy green like spinach
  • Bright coloured fruit and veg such as corn, carrots and oranges
  • Oily fish such as tuna or mackerel
  • Broccoli
  • Eggs

The Sun

Looking directly at the sun can damage your eyes. Wearing sunglasses and a sun hat will help protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Drinking and Smoking

Drinking too much alcohol can cause lots of problems including some condition that causes loss of vision (progressive optic neuropathy). Smokers are also more likely to develop cataracts and macular degeneration (gradual loss of the ability to see what is directly in front of you).