Saltire Awards

Aged 12 - 25? Whether you are already volunteering or just thinking about it, The Saltire Awards are for you!

Try out volunteering by taking part in a team challenge or start learning new skills with the Saltire Approach. With the easy to use Saltire Awards website you can record and track your hours and learning gained through your volunteering placement so your experiences will always be there when you need them. Not only does it look great on your CV but you can also earn Young Scot Reward Points which could entitle you to some fantastic prizes.

Saltire Challenge - A Great Way to Start

Volunteer in a one-off team event to get a taste of volunteering and make a real difference to your community. A no strings attached event gives you the perfect opportunity to see if volunteering is for you. Make up a team with a group of your friends or classmates or join a team already organised in your local area. It's a good chance to build your team-working skills and have a really fun time.

How it works

Saltire Challenges are set up by voluntary organisations, schools and youth development workers. A challenge normally consists of a day's worth of volunteering taking part in activities such as beach clean ups, gardening projects, regeneration projects and loads more. After completing a Saltire Challenge you will be issued with a Saltire Challenge certificate. Volunteering hours from a Saltire Challenge can be used towards either the Approach or the Ascent awards.

Get Involved To find out what challenges are available in your area please contact your local Saltire Delivery Office.

Saltire Approach

The Approach is designed to introduce you to more regular volunteering in manageable chunks. It gives you the chance to choose where you would like to volunteer and it helps you to find out what type of volunteering you're interested in. Through your placements you can discover what your skills and strengths are. You'll receive a certificate for completing 10 and 25 hours of volunteering as well as Young Scot Reward Points.

How it Works

When you start volunteering with either with a voluntary organisation or with your school, you will be asked to log your hours. You can do this either by submitting your hours online via My Saltire or keeping a record with a time sheet which the organisation will complete for you. Once you have reached the 10 hour milestone you can choose to carry on and work towards your 25 hour award. The awards will be issued by your local Saltire Delivery Office either by post or at a award ceremony.

Getting Started

To get started simply register your online Saltire account at the Saltire Awards website or contact your local Saltire Office. If you need a volunteering placement contact your local Saltire Delivery Office to find out what is available.

Saltire Ascent

Are you ready to make a longer commitment to volunteering? You can further develop your skills and strengths through your placements and record your achievements in your Journal. There's space in the Journal to enter any training, new skills you've learnt and referees for application forms and you can also set yourself goals in the Pathway section. You'll get your certificate and Young Scot Reward Points for completing 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering.

How it works

While you are making a more sustained contribution to volunteering, you will need to keep track of all the volunteering hours you do. You can achieve this either by submitting your hours online via My Saltire or by keeping record of your hours on a Saltire Timesheet which the organisation shall provide for you. When your total volunteering hours reach 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours you can claim your certificate via My Saltire or send the completed Saltire Timesheet into your Local Saltire Delivery Office. The awards will be issued by your local Saltire delivery office either by post or at an award ceremony.

Young Scot Rewards

By participating in the Saltire Awards you can earn up to 3000 Young Scot Reward Points which will certainly help you on your way to unlocking some fantastic ‘money can’t buy’ experiences! To find out more information, or to sign up and start collecting visit