Enjoying the outdoors

Nature is right on your doorstep, you just need to get out there and explore.

It’s true. The best things in life are free. Many of life’s simple pleasures cost absolutely nothing.

What’s there to do?

Your local area is the perfect place to enjoy many of life’s simple pleasures.

  • Watch the sunset, or sunrise
  • Go fishing
  • Have a picnic
  • Go sledging
  • Write your name in the sand
  • Pick some blackberries
  • Go camping
  • Climb trees
  • Skim stones
  • Take some photos
  • Go rock pooling
  • Go camping

Getting outdoors doesn’t have to be a big adventure with loads of planning and equipment. Just take some time out, unwind and breathe some fresh air. For more inspiration go to

Where should I go?

Woods and forests, rivers and lochs, hills and mountains, seas and coasts, parks and green spaces are a lot closer than you might think.

Don’t worry if you live in a town or city, there are green spaces all around you. Scottish Natural Heritage have put together some booklets which give you details of amazing places to visit, where you can discover the very best nature has to offer. You’ll find useful info about each place, including directions, costs, facilities and ideas for things to do or look for when you're there.